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Sol started his career in the tattoo world with Hired Guns Tattoo Studio in late 2012 and has been tattooing professionally since 2014. Self-taught drawing and watercolor artist, specializing in 'Illustrated', 'Realism' and 'Indigenous Pattern' tattoo styles.


Originally from California (Listo Medina) now calls Minnesota his home! and has been with Hired Guns since we opened our doors in 2011. Custom/Script, Black&Grey-Chicano Style Artist
6 years experience.


Jay (DonJulio) Treviño was raised in Minnesota he specializes in 'portraits', 'realism', and 'custom/script'. With 4 years experience and art in his blood Hired Guns Tattoo Studio is proud to have such a talented Artist on our team!!!

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History of HG Studio

Hired Guns Tattoo Studio was established in 2011 by Eduardo Figueroa. Hired Guns establish their own brand of tattooing that took the best aspects of urban culture and urban style art to the next level. Assembling an outstanding supporting cast of extremely talented artists such as Sol (Michael Mettler), Listo (Daniel Medina), and Jay Treviño. All Artist main focus is branding their custom art in tattooing. Hired Guns Tattoo Studio meets all stringent state and county health code requirements, all Hired Guns artists are Minnesota licensed professionals and blood borne pathogen certified. Hired Guns Tattoo today stands for the same idea it did when it first opened; quality, care and customizing artistic excellence. Current owner is Maria Figueroa.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Hired Guns Tattoo Located in the heart of Crystal Minnesota has now added Tattoo Removal to serve our customers with specialized services.

Based on your choice of Tattoo needs by adding, fading or removing, The Tattoo Artist and Medically Directed Certified Laser Tattoo Removal Specialist (L.T.R.S) and Laser Safety Officers (L.S.O.) will assist you with your choice during a FREE Consultation. In minutes you will be able to understand what kind of service you are looking for. Hired Guns will not let you walk out without being satisfied. Our year of service and commitment to our clients says it all.

Katherine M. Brooks, M.D.

Medical Director

Maria Figueroa

Owner/Laser Technican

Daniel Medina

Laser Technician

How does LASER Tattoo Removal work?

A specialized laser creates extremely short pulses of light energy. Tattoo Ink absorbs the energy, shatters into tiny fragments, and is removed by the immune system. Over a series of treatments, your tattoo will visibly fade away to reveal the natural look of your skin.

Who can get laser tattoo removal?

Laser removal treatments are effective on most ink colors and are safe for all skin types. Darker skin types may require extra care, and your specialist will customize treatment to your needs.

What are common side effects?

An immune response is necessary to flush the ink away from the tattoo site. Patients often experience temporary redness, swelling, tenderness, blisters, and scabs. Patients with darker skin tones may experience a temporary lightening or darkening of skin around the treated area.

Tattoo Removal does not have to be Expensive

At Hired Guns Tattoo we offer an array of plans to fit your needs.

Package Deals: lightening and tattoo Deal Specials
Pay all at once: 10% discount Complete package
Monthly Installations until paid in full to start the procedure
Pay as you go

Treatments Required?

Each patient will vary between three and twelve treatments to achieve desired results. Many variables affect the number of treatments that each tattoo needs: - Age of Tattoo - Location on Body - Depth of Ink - Density of Ink - Ink Colors - Pre-Existing Scarring - Patient Health - Other Factors


There is some discomfort related with the procedure as if getting your skin snapped with a rubber band. We pretreat your skin with cooling packs that helps control the pain significantly and will help protect the surface of your skin. While getting the treatment done breaks can be taken if necessary.

Every tattoo removal is different, each Laser tattoo removal is tailored to everyone’s need, for that reason it is not a firm rate.

Based off: Skin Type, Sessions, Color of Ink, Location of tattoo, Density of the ink, Session needed to achieve removal of ink Does the location of my tattoo matter?

Location and existing Ink can play a part on the healing process, the closest to the heart and the less ink will heal Where the tattoo is located on your body, and how much ink is present, does have an effect. The further away from you heart and the more dense the ink, the longer it will take to remove the tattoo. For example, a tattoo below the knee area can take considerably more treatments to remove than the same size and color tattoo around the chest area. The blood circulation is much better closer to the heart than below the knee. Circulation is an important factor to make the healing process to break down the ink faster.

It is always highly recommended to come in for a Free Consultation and speak to a Specialist prices vary Based on: Depth of Ink Age of Tattoo Ink colors Patient Health Location of Body Density of Ink Pre Existing Scarring Size, as well as other factors
During the consult it can conclude the best day and time for the appointment. Although Appointments can be done in your lunch time granting others might require some rest after that. Based on the area of the tattoo and the size that can limit the type of aftercare needed.